Bloemfontein at a glance

Although Bloemfontein might not be as major an epicentre as Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban it still has a lot to offer in terms of residential bliss. It's the capital of the Free State which is a province in South Africa noted for its agricultural exploits. The town is well known for its Rugby, friendly locals and a fair deal of places to go out. The name loosely translates to Flower Fountain or Blooming Fountain in the Afrikaans language. The name could also be linked to the fact that there is a rose festival annually, this has led the city to also be referred to as “city of the roses”. The city also hosted a few matches for the 2010 Fifa World Cup, and many will remember the tournament altering defeat between England and Germany where Germany won the match by 4 goals to 1. 

A brief history of the area

Traditionally Bloemfontein has always been well-known as an area which is very much inhabited largely by Afrikaans speaking people. However if one traces back the way in which the town was founded, it was developed by some of the first British settlers in 1846 for the purpose of being a fort. This was put in place by Henry Douglas Warden a British army major at the time. The city is also the birthplace of famed Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit author J.R.R Tolkien.  

Its believed that the first people to have frequented the Free State expanse before the arrival of the European settlers was the Sotho or Basotho people. One can still see their architectural structures and particular patterns which have been painted on these structures. These buildings can be seen not far from central areas of Bloemfontein.  


Bloemfontein is the most built-up urban area in the Free State province. Hence there are numerous well-kept roads which service commuters within its borders and beyond. These roads also connect Bloemfontein with other towns and cities nearby.  Some of the roads which connect various parts of Bloemfontein to other surrounding areas include Milner Road, Raymond Mhlaba, Kenilworth Road, Van Vuuren Road, Curie Avenue, Kolbe Avenue, Oliver Tambo Road and the R702. 

Schools in the area

There are no shortages of great schooling facilities in the Bloemfontein expanse. Some of which include Eunice Girls High School, Brebner Primary School, Bloemfontein High School, St Andrews School Bloemfontein, Christian Brothers College, Curro School Bloemfontein, Brebner High School, Kruitberg Primary School and Brandway Primary School. 

Hospitals nearby

Bloemfontein is well known for its extensive list of sought-after medical facilities and hospitals. Some of which include Universitas Private Hospital, Life Rosebank Hospital, National District Hospital, Oranje Hospital, Pelonomi Academic Hospital, Optima, Life Pasteur Hospital, 3 Military Hospital, Nurture Woodlands Hospital and Cure Day Clinics Bloemfontein. 

Distance from key points (Airport/CBD)

If one wishes to travel to and from the central areas of Bloemfontein to the Bram Fischer International Airport, its said to take roughly 13 to 20 minutes and is just under 10 km or just over depending on the route chosen. One can either take the N8 which is said to be the quicker option or alternatively Raymond Mhlaba road can be utilized.  


Due to Bloemfontein being the epicentre of the Free State province there are many great shopping facilities. Some of the more well-known ones include Loch Logan Waterfront, Mimosa Mall, Bloemgate Shopping Centre, Bloem Plaza, Northridge Mall, Twin City Mall, Fleurdal Mall, The Towers, Brandwag Shopping Centre, Lemo Mall, China City and The Park Shopping Centre.


Bloemfontein has all the regular chain store eateries that are scattered all over South Africa. However, that doesn’t mean that there also isn’t a huge assortment of fine dining as well. Some of the more places in which to eat in Bloemfontein include New York Restaurant, Avanti Restaurant, Flames Restaurant and Bar, Seven on Kellner, Bella Casa, Bushpub Resturant, Longhorn Grill Steak House, Cape Town Fish Market, Bloemfontein and Margaritas Seafood and Steaks. 

Special Attractions

Bloemfontein is well known for various public parks and the city generally has a lot to explore as its the main capital of the Free State province. From key sporting stadiums to top restaurants Bloemfontein really does have a lot on offer. Here are a few of the many attractions of Bloemfontein in case you were looking for something to do over the weekend.

Botanical Garden Tree Route

Every wanted to see 43 different types of indigenous trees in just 1 km? Well at the Free State National Botanical Gardens you can. If you’d like to know even more about this fascinating trees one can also purchase an informational booklet at a small additional cost. This picturesque part of Bloemfontein is situated at Rayton Road, just off Dan Pienaar Road, Danhof, Bloemfontein, Free State.

Live music at Die Mystic Boer

Die Mystic is a great place for meeting friends and having something cold to drink. It's also serving your typical pub fare as well pizza and even Mexican food. However, over the years it's also become popular for its live music, which has seen some of the best local touring South African acts frequent the venue every so often. A laid-back atmosphere and world-class entertainment have made The Mystic Boer famous all over the country. 

Horse Trail Rides

Another great attraction about living in Bloemfontein is that it doesn’t take one a long time if one wishes to travel just out of the city in order to get away for a bit. A great attraction that individuals can enjoy is horse riding with Cowboy Kleinhans which takes place just 30km from the city just off the N1. One can ride through various types of terrain and enjoy what its like to be in the outdoors.

Rugby at Free State Stadium

Bloemfontein is also home to one of the countries leading Rugby teams, the Free State Cheetahs. Rugby is a huge pastime for a lot of the Bloemfontein community, enjoy the atmosphere and go and see a Rugby match. The Cheetahs are also believed to be one of the better sides within South African rugby. 

Time to invest

Bloemfontein really is a city with a lot to offer. Its proximity to the rest of the Free State, not to mention various historical places of interest make the place favourable. Why not invest in this highly regarded city? Get in contact with a regarded broker from one of the world’s leading residential property companies Century 21 to get the lowdown on all their existing properties available for sale in the city of Bloemfontein. The leading brand has 32 properties and homes available for sale in the region and all vary in size and contact. Get in contact and find your dream Bloemfontein home. 

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