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The Free State could of very well have been the location of a Western film, however this particular film would have been set in South Africa and not in the North American frontier deserts. Nowadays its hard to fathom world's such as this within the modern technologically driven landscape of 2018. History helps us envisage these worlds and has a way of enabling them to linger around. Bloemfontein has played a pivotal role in the history of South Africa. Here are 5 historical areas to visit on your next trip to Bloemfontein. 

The Historic Tree Garden

The Free State was previously referred to as the Orange Free State. This has led many to believe that the province previously had an abundance of orange trees. This wasn’t necessarily the case, however in the Historic Tree Garden there is in fact some Orange Trees. How this garden started is that on the 25th Anniversary of the Republic of the Orange Free State a garden was planted. As the region used to be independent from the rest of South Africa at the time and stood alone as its own sovereign state. The area was occupied by the Boers during this era and today a beautiful tree garden stands in a historic part of the city. 

The National Museum Bloemfontein

An excursion suitable for the whole family and one which will enthuse any history or science buff is a visit to The National Museum Bloemfontein. The space has a wide selection of interesting areas within cultural historical science, natural history and art. Beside for life-size towering Elephant displays the museum also boasts a  paleontology / anthropology and archaeology division. 

Naval Hill

Although the name Naval Hill is derived from an era where the location was used for the purpose of British naval guns during the Anglo-Boer War. Today it is famous for something very different. The Naval Hill of modern-day South Africa has no connection to this time and is popular for two distinct reasons. One is that it forms part of the Franklin Game Reserve and there is a giant statue of the late former president Nelson Mandela. The area is also deemed to be a great area for sunsets and its become an iconic destination for photo opportunities with the larger than life statue. 

The SA Armour Museum

The actual building itself is a piece of history and dates back to between 1902 and 1904. It's believed to be something of a mecca for those interested in the fascinating history of military armour, most notably the armour used in South Africa around the early 1900’s. The location is said to be great for kids and its situated in beautifully kept gardens which is another factor that has made this part of Bloemfontein popular. The museum is closed over weekends. 

Mangaung cultural route

Mangaung Township is a hugely significant destination within South Africa’s political history as it is, in fact, the place in which the highly regarded political organisation the African National Congress was first conceived. The ANC is well-known for being the party who brought democracy to South Africa. The tour runs through various prominent locations throughout this significant township including Masakeng Stadium, Maphikela House, and Youth Monument. 

Bloemfontein is an important city for so many reasons. The history speaks for itself and that is why many hold the capital of the Free State Province in high regard. This is why so many people wish to live in this great city. Why not get in touch with South African history and make a home for yourself in Bloemfontein? Leading property brokers Century 21 have a wide and favourable list of properties available for sale in the vicinity. Get in contact with one of their well-trained property specialists today and start your next home out of Bloemfontein.

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