Embarking upon a property career within Century 21 is perhaps the most rewarding experience that a real estate agent or administrator could possibly wish for. As a multinational corporation, we have a tried and tested method for success within the industry, and no small amount of assistance and support to see you there either.

Agent Recruitment

If you have been seeking a job as a real estate agent, then consider sending in your application accompanied by your C.V. via our national office contact details page. The correct certification is required but, if you have yet to attain those qualifications, then Century 21 may be able to set you on the right track to doing so.

It has often been noted that the real estate industry possess a tough and highly competitive nature but having some of the top agents in the country as your colleagues goes a long way toward providing a stable, reliable and professional platform from which to let your abilities shine.

Whether you're just starting out or making a switch from another profession, real estate employment provides the flexibility and freedom to set your own pace. A real estate career can be as rewarding and exciting as you choose to make it and the company you work with can make a big difference. For goal-driven, self-motivated people, the century 21 brand is a natural choice.

Our agents have access to industry leaders that can add value to their sales and differentiate them from the competition. This is an appealing aspect to consider when looking for real estate employment opportunities within our company.

As a Century 21 Property Professional, you will also enjoy the benefit of a being in business for yourself.

You can set your own income targets and plan the use of your time accordingly, create your own business plans and establish your own goals.

You are also able to schedule your own vacations and work under your own pressure - Not someone else's.


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As a member of the team you are never alone

Our agents, whether new with the company or well established, are never left without support. Whether you require advice, assistance or information regarding advanced training, Century 21 always looks after its representatives. In a sales related industry, perhaps more so than any other, it is known that what you put in is what you get out and while this is so as a member of the team, you are never alone.

Century 21 expects excellence from its employees in their dealings with clients, their own colleagues and all other aspects of their professional life, but the rewards for being one of the best are high indeed. Recognition and rewards are annually given at the Pearl Awards ceremony and the system for this glorious event allows agents to track their own progress up the ladder of success.

If you possess the skill, determination, values, ideals, qualifications and love of people that is necessary to engage in a property career at Century 21, then send us your details today.
Frequently Asked Questions

What does a CENTURY 21 Agent do?

A CENTURY 21 Agent is a respected, licensed professional who provides clients with valuable advice and guidance in the often complex and sometimes emotional process of purchasing or selling a home or property. A Sales Associate plays a very important role in the real estate transaction process and responsibilities may include showcasing homes, gaining new customer relationships, helping buyers and sellers come to agreements, offering expertise in home selection and local market knowledge, negotiating, and guidance in the closing transaction. In addition, CENTURY 21 sales professionals provide ongoing guidance and support to home owners.

Why choose the CENTURY 21 System?

The CENTURY 21 System is more than the most recognized name in real estate. It is an entire system of professional tools and unparalleled support that puts CENTURY 21 Sales Associates at the top of the industry.

How much can I expect to earn?

As a CENTURY 21 Agent, the opportunities for rewards can be great. Typically you can earn based on your performance and compensation may vary within each local office. Plus, you’ll have the training and resources of the CENTURY 21 System at your disposal.

What can I expect out of the first few months?

As with any career, you usually get out of it, what you put in. Real estate sales are no different although you should expect that it will take at least a couple of months for you to become completely familiar with your new environment and establish a routine that works best for you. CENTURY 21 has many tools to assist with your start-up in the real estate business including the award winning Create 21 online training program for new sales associates. This program will help fast-track you to a successful real estate sales career. In addition, many local CENTURY 21 Principals have in-office education programs available for new Agents.

Does CENTURY 21 provide training? Is it paid for by CENTURY 21?

CENTURY 21 has a complete career path training system available for sales associates. There are no costs associated with the introductory programs and the continuing educational programs are free to CENTURY 21 Agents.

Can I set my own routine?

Generally, you can enjoy a varied schedule, spending time out in the community with clients and also meeting and working with colleagues from local CENTURY 21 offices. As a CENTURY 21 Agent, you can often build a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Where can I get information on getting started as a real estate agent?

It’s easy to get started as a CENTURY 21 Agent. Submit your C.V. and your information will be forwarded to a CENTURY 21 careers representative who will make contact with you and will advise you of the next steps in the process.

Do I need a real estate qualification?

Yes. Century 21 South Africa is committed to guiding and assisting all Agents within our group to attain this qualification. Support and viable advice are essential parts of the company’s global success as a whole, and each estate agent is a vital member of the family.

Does Century 21 offer salaried positions while going through the licensing process?

Generally speaking, a career as a real estate sales associate means that you are an independent contractor working on commission and are responsible for many of your own expenses and the position does not offer a salary. However, some local CENTURY 21 Principals do provide training and start-up commission advances or draws against pending commissions. This policy is completely up to the local CENTURY 21 Principal and it is recommended that you speak directly to the Principal regarding this possibility.

Are there any non-sales related positions available with the CENTURY 21 System?

If sales positions are not right for you but you still want to be part of the energetic CENTURY 21 System, individual local CENTURY 21 offices may have needs for staff positions, typically administrative or even managerial.