CENTURY 21, Official Partner of the Tour de France

What does Real Estate HAVE to do with the Tour de France?

The Tour de France is the biggest singular spectator sporting event in the world held annually, bar none. Over the course of three weeks, between 12 and 15 million people line up by the side of the road to watch cyclist challenge the route and over 3,50 billion people follow it on various media platforms. Similarly, only Century 21 has the scale and reputation to lead the property sales industry locally and on a global scale. A True Worldwide Leader in Real Estate and that is why we can associate with the prestige, enormity and scale of the Tour de France.

The essence of the Tour de France: Fervour, Courage, Power, Solidarity, Victory and Universal. These are just a few key words used to sum up the Tour de France experience. Century 21 is proud to be associated with these values and emotions as they are also in our own DNA and our customer journey manifest.

Our Agents are Intense and passionate about what they do, and they do it good! They are Relentless.

In today’s day and age with so much noise and disruptors, you need to have courage to work and play in the property market and be successful!

The power of the Century 21 Brand is global, we’ve built up a team of over 131,000 sales associates working out of 10,000 independent franchise offices in 82 countries and growing!

When you partner with Century 21 you become a part of something much bigger than a name. You become part of a community of driven professionals. Our mission is to grow the brand South Africa and to deliver the best possible service irrespective of race, colour or gender.

We are Victorious. We are go-getters and game changers. We’re modern, innovative, consumer centric and experience driven. Who we are is what consumers today want to see, and it’s exactly what our marketing efforts are designed to reinforce in you.

Every day we’re challenging legacy thinking and creating innovative solutions to problems that stand in the way of achieving your goals. We’re striving to make things simple and more efficient, so you can focus on what you do best. The Century 21 way is now universal and desirable with a long and proud heritage.

We have the desire and ability to partner with you, SO, the only question left is: Do you have the courage to partner with Century 21?