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As property prices increase exponentially all over South Africa, many first time homeowners are looking to alternative locations to buy houses. One location which has become increasingly popular for people who live and work in the Gauteng Province of South Africa is Alberton. It's quite an unassuming place, however, there is a lot to offer there, and this is why the location has become popular for first-time homeowners. Below are 5 reasons why moving your home to Aberton could be the best decision you make. 

Conventionally located residential areas in terms of industry

If one happens to work in the industrial sector, Alberton is a great choice as its closely located to numerous prominent industrial and business parks. This is highly convenient for those working near Alberton. This means less travel time and more time to spend with family and loved ones in your new house or apartment. 

Numerous roadways which lead to all the pivotal freeways in the region

Alberton is a little bit away from the major epicentres of the Gauteng Province, this is why it is vitally important that those who live in the area have their own transportation. This is not a deterrent to getting around as the area has fantastic roadways to all the major highways in the province. This also means more opportunities for road trips, with loved ones and friends. 

Close to great parks and natural areas

Another aspect that makes living in or near Alberton favourable is for the fact that there are numerous great public parks and nature reserves within close proximity to residential areas. Some of the natural areas of noteworthy interest within close proximity to Alberton include The Kliepriviersberg Municipal Nature Reserve, the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve and the Jackson Dam. 

More affordable, rentals and houses for sale

As urbanisation continues at an alarming rate so are property rentals and sales. However, there are still numerous areas which are affordable for first-time homeowners. One such area is Alberton and this is why so many people are choosing to relocate there. Century 21 has numerous options on houses for sale for those wishing to move their home to Alberton. 

Lots of great sporting facilities 

Sports and recreation are vitally important for the betterment of any community. They keep people healthy and kids out of trouble. Another reason why so many are turning to Alberton for their next home is for the fact that there are numerous great sporting facilities to enjoy and utilize, for reasons of both spectating and participating. Some of the sports that have found a home in Alberton include,  tennis, rugby, road running, boxing, wrestling, cricket, jukskei, netball, hockey, soccer, bowls, korfball and ring tennis. Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy the Reading Country Club and Golf Course.

Alberton in the Gauteng province might not be London or Las Vegas, however, what it lacks in flash it makes up for in heart. This is why there is such a sheer volume of available properties in the Alberton area through world leaders in residential property Century 21. Contact one of their highly skilled and dedicated brokers today who has the lowdown on all the properties in the Alberton area, with 271 available properties listed you're bound to find your dream home. Get on the phone now, one of their highly skilled and regarded property specialists and brokers are waiting to make your move to the region as easy and hassle-free as possible. Go with the best in the business, go with Century 21. Your dream home awaits in one of Gauteng's most charming towns - Alberton.

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