Why Waterfall has developed into one of KZN's most regarded residential areas

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Any area or suburb around the world has a history behind it and the suburb of Waterfall situated in Hillcrest and the upper highway expanse of KwaZulu-Natal is no different. The foundation of what today is considered to be modern Waterfall or Hillcrest has a fascinating backstory which dates back to around 1851. Since that time the area has gone through many changes, however, a certain country charm has remained even with its close proximity to one of South Africa’s largest cities Durban.

“Records in the Deeds Office reflect that a farm of over 6000 acres was granted to Gerrit P. Kemp in 1851, which was named apparently by him, as Langefontein”. -

Since this time the area has developed largely around some form of business or agriculture but by the late 50’s and mid 60’s the town started to become more of a location focusing on residency. 

“In about 1959 George Rowles acquired a portion of the Waterfall Farm and ran a prime herd of dairy cows. In 1967 he sold his dairy herd and began to develop Waterfall as a residential area with a shopping complex. The first flats built in Waterfall were above the shopping complex which housed a Supermarket, Tea Room, Hardware shop and a Hairdresser. It later also housed a Pharmacy. The first post office was inside the Supermarket as was the first Building Society. The new shopping centre was completed in 1986”.

However, the greater Waterfall, Hillcrest, Upper Highway or Durban expanse has an older history, where the isiZulu nation migrated to the region from East Africa just before European influence. That said, evidence of human existence in this part of the world is said to be before these two early examples of humanity in this KZN location. 

“The Durban area also hosts to a much older heritage. Sibudu Cave, about 40 km to the northeast, contains an important Middle Stone Age sequence. The oldest occupation, the pre-Stillbay, is older than 70 000 years, while the Stillbay itself dates to 70 000 years ago”. - 

This kind of long-standing legacy has built a solid foundation and this is exactly why the Waterfall and Hillcrest suburban region has grown from strength to strength over the last few decades. This is why leading property companies such as Century 21 have such a vested interest in Waterfall. The leading brand currently has 15 available residential properties available for sale in the area that all range in price and size. There are even options to buy vacant land in the vicinity which can also be desirable for first-time homeowners. This is why so many different people are looking to the upper highway region as their next destination to settle.

Waterfall, Hillcrest or other parts of the Upper Highway expanse are all highly regarded residential locations. This is why there couldn't be a better time to invest in this iconic part of KwaZulu-Natal. Century 21 really do have the experience and expertise to make your move to the Waterfall area as easy and as pain-free as possible. Get in contact with one of their highly dedicated and respected property specialists today and get all the relevant information on what properties are available in this interesting and relaxing part of KwaZulu-Natal. This is a destination for those wishing to live a tranquil life, however still being close to the bright city lights. If this is the way of living you desire, you really couldn’t be in better hands. This is your time, enjoy it with Century 21.

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Waterfall, KwaZulu Natal

Waterfall is a well-known residential enclave situated in the affluent and regarded suburb of Hillcrest. Not far from Durban the major economic and tourist hub in the provincial location of KwaZulu-Natal. The area is sought after for its picturesque... More Info