Why gated communities and estates are becoming popular

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As urban areas become more and more built up, so security within city boundaries increases out of necessity. Urbanization is a global phenomenon and with urbanization can, unfortunately, come a lack of opportunities, social inequality and escalating crime rates. 

However, with anything negative comes positives and this is why so many people are opting to live in estates or gated communities. Often these estates are situated slightly away from the madding crowd of city living and are encouraging city slickers to return to their roots. In turn getting away from the dreary smog-ridden cities that any country around the world experiences. 

City life is desirable for various reasons but sometimes opting to live a little out of the city in a gated community or estate can also be a great idea. Here are 5 reasons why we think you should consider it. 

Beefed up security 

Safety is paramount and living in an estate or gated community ensures that your property and loved ones will be as safe as possible. In almost all instances gated communities or estates have 24 armed security.

Close to nature 

Another reason why so many are choosing to move out of built-up urban areas is for the fact that it encourages a closer connection to nature. Country estates and gated communities usually achieve this perfectly and it is a great way in which to raise a family. Plus children get a chance to learn more about the outdoors. 

More privacy 

Being in a gated community or estate means one has more privacy and tranquillity away from the general noise of city life. Which can become taxing, these areas are for those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living so that they can enjoy the quieter side of life. 

Less pollution 

Pollution is becoming a bigger and bigger problem worldwide. This global issue can hinder one's quality of life in so many vital ways. From the air to the water and plants, if these things become polluted we can experience all kinds of problematic diseases. This is another reason why so many are choosing gated communities or estates situated in places such as Mount Edgecombe as health should be a priority to everyone.

Great additional facilities 

Another reason why so many are choosing estates or gated communities is that there are many fantastic additional facilities. Some of the facilities at the Kindlewood Estate include a community centre, braai areas, a cricket net, a swimming pool, a tennis court, jungle gyms and beautiful safe walking paths. This also a lot of convenience as residents rarely have to leave besides for shopping and travel and can enjoy a great community lifestyle.

Estate and gated community living definitely have its perks and places such as Kindlewood Estate situated in Mount Edgecombe are proving to be perfect retirement destinations or places for new families looking for safety, comfort and country living. Leading property company Century 21 see the benefit of living in these communities. This is why they have available properties available in Kindlewood Estate in Mount Edgecombe and other popular neighbourhoods in this quiet North Coast town. This highly regarded company has all the experience and expertise to enable your move to these tranquil and safe lodgings as easy and pain-free as possible. Why settle for anyone else besides for the best in the residential property business? This is why Century 21 have a proven formula and track record because they deliver on their promises. Get in contact today with one of their highly skilled brokers and start your dream home out of Mount Edgecombe. You won’t be disappointed. 

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