Why Vereeniging is so much more than an industrial town

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It's widely regarded that the city of Vereeniging, situated in the sprawling Gauteng Province is one of the countries most regarded industrial locations. Hence the motto of the town reads as follows "Per Pacem ad Industriam" which translates to Through Peace to Industry. Many prominent and pivotal industrial developments take place in Vereeniging. Most notably in the iron, steel, piping, bricks and lime processing sectors as well as the mining of coal. These noteworthy industrial developments have seen the town grow exponentially over the years.

The town is important for the fact that it supplies many of the adjacent mining areas with power through South Africa's electricity supplier Eskom. Its also well known for the reason that there is a huge amount of car dealerships in the vicinity. These are not the only attributes that make Vereeniging stand out. It's become one of Gauteng's most desired residential areas because people who live there have accommodation options near their places of work. Due to the vast amount of industry nearby. Vereeniging is a town teeming with nature, heritage and history. Its also situated on the picturesque Klip River so residents of Vereeniging always have recreational areas to enjoy near this iconic river. Below are three reasons, why Vereninging is so much more than just an industrial town. 

Important historical locations

Vereeniging is a destination that is rich in historical significance, it's widely believed that the Klip River Terrace has one of the planets greatest areas in terms of ancient archaeological findings. Archaeologists have discovered that there are implements in the Klip River Terrace that date back to the Stone Age. Another site of historical importance in Vereeniging is at Maccauvlei which is a farming location which has an abundance of coal. It's also a memorial site for Canadian soldiers killed in the Anglo-Boer war and was the location of a concentration camp during this time.

Fascinating Museums

For a small town, Vereninging has some worthwhile museums, for anyone interested in delving a little deeper into the past. One such museum in the vicinity is the Vaal Teknorama Museum which has been a feature of the town since the early '90s. There are two staple exhibitions at the location in the Local leaders Hall and the Sedibeng Heritage Hall. There are also numerous floating art and photography exhibitions that relate to the area at large. 

"Expect to see stone age and iron artefacts found around the Vaal area, examples of unique and mysterious rock engravings found near Vereeniging, classic vehicles and other items related to the industrial history of Vereeniging and photographs from the Anglo-Boer War, including images of the concentration camps in Vereeniging and nearby Heidelberg. There are also exhibits on the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre as well as other notable Apartheid memorabilia right to the signing of the post-Apartheid Constitution in 1996" -

An abundance of nature and wildlife

The Vaal and Klip Rivers respectively have a vast amount of natural beauty and are great for various recreational activities. On top of this, the town of Vereeniging is also within close proximity to a vast array of nature reserves and outdoor locations

This particular Gauteng town really does have a lot to offer, not just for industry but for residential reasons as well. Leading property company Century 21 currently have 57 properties available for sale in the area. Get in contact with one of their highly regarded brokers today and start your dream home from the town of Vereeniging.  

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Vereeniging, Gauteng

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