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In less than a week, matrics will sit down for their NSC 2019 final exam. It's exhilarating! Late nights, hours of prep and countless turned pages have come down to this moment.

Will your child be in the matric hot seat soon? We've got you covered. Century 21 spoke to Rob Holding, Kloof High School's Acting Principal, about the community factors that can get them into a respected university and career they deserve.

Century 21: Rob, please tell us about yourself.

Rob: I hold a Bachelor of Arts Honours (Historical and Political Studies) and a Master of Arts in Political Studies. I also have a Higher Diploma in Education from the University of Natal/KZN. Since 1987, I've been appointed at Kloof High School. My roles have ranged from Subject Head of History to Department Head. I am proud to have shaped some of our country's top talent.

Century 21: Why are you passionate about education?

Rob: Education is an opportunity to transform a child's life. It's an incredible privilege that gives meaning to a teacher's working life.

Century 21: What responsibility does a community have for its children?

Rob: The community as a whole should 'own' its young people. It should offer a supportive environment so that no child is left behind.

Century 21: What community factors are important?

Rob: Oh, there are many that parents should consider for their children.

A quality school is the birthright of every South African child. Of children everywhere, really. The choice parents make greatly determines their future.

Having access to libraries can improve your child's reading and give them the resources they need for their homework. There's a very strong link between academic attainment and this community amenity.

Don't discount green spaces (like parks) and sports clubs. They are essential for your child's holistic development. There's growing evidence that being around nature is good for your child's mental state. Getting your child into a sport can enhance their self-esteem, social skills and physical health. If your child's talent is nurtured, it can even lead to scholarships and exciting career options.

Tuition centres are also worth looking out for. Together with the right school, they can really help your child's academic progress.

Finally, you'll also want a community with first-class healthcare facilities. Even if your child is relatively healthy, regular checkups and immunisations prevent sick days and keep up their performance.

Century 21: Thanks, Rob. What advice do you have for parents moving to a new community?

Rob: Make time and visit your child's school. At Kloof High School, for example, you'll find our standard of education to be excellent. You'll get to meet our teachers and experience the holistic education we offer.

Century 21: You've been a part of the Kloof community for years. What do you love about the area?

Rob: The parents! They love getting involved and taking an active role in their child's education.

Kloof amenities for your child

Looking for quality schooling? In Kloof, you'll have Kloof Pre-Primary, Kloof Junior Primary School, Kloof Senior Primary and Kloof High School at your doorstep. If your child needs extra help, Kumon, Master Maths and Kip McGrath have their back.

You can nurture your child's inner bookworm at Kloof Public Library. Hillcrest Public Library is also less than 15 minutes away.

After the school day, your child can exercise at Virgin Active or play cricket and tennis at Forest Hills Sports Club. For a nature retreat, the family can head to Memorial Park or Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.

When coughs and sniffles emerge, it's good to know there are medical professionals around the block. In fact, the area is well known for its general practitioners, oral surgeons, optometrists, endocrinologist and psychologists.

Kloof is the perfect place to raise your children. The child expert has spoken. Now trust our expertise to find your home. Browse our sales or rental listings and get in touch today.

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