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Are Banks and Attorneys or even your Existing Brand Threatening your Career or Business? Had Enough of the Fear Mongering by Digital Agencies?

Century 21 is a Worldwide Leader in the TRADITIONAL Real Estate Sales Industry operating in 81 countries through 8 800 offices and with a salesforce of 122 000 agents. The brand operates in very sophisticated markets throughout the world and where many are in countries where consumers are impressively property and tech savvy and where the Legal, IT and Digital fraternity thrive and have been threatening the disruption of our Traditional Real Estate Sales Model for many, many years now. So, how have they affected Century 21 this year?

  • Internationally we have grown our Agent count by 22%
  • We added another 2 countries to our portfolio
  • Increased our number of Franchises by 10%
  • Locally in South Africa we have awarded 5 new Franchises this year and,
  • Locally in South Africa we are showing a net growth in Sales YTD and will surpass last year's Total Sales

Although we also have cutting edge technology and digital platforms, we are proud to be labelled Traditional Estate Agents and value the services of our Traditional Agents. We support and believe in them and we understand that they are trained Property Professionals who undergo vigorous and onerous qualification criteria to earn their Fidelity Fund Certificate from the Estate Agency Affairs Board and where through their own personal financial and time sacrifices and challenges help and assist buyers and sellers realize their dreams. Similarly, we also understand that Buyers and Sellers have the right to demand exceptional service and will gladly pay our Agents when their dreams and aspirations are realized in the quickest possible time with the least amount of stress and no unexpected risks. Therefore, we consider our Agents to be Dream makers and not Dealmakers and for this we make no excuses for the dignified commission they demand.

We invite all Estate Agency Business Owners and Estate Agents to allow us the opportunity to share with them some of our Intellectual Knowledge gained from every corner of the World, over nearly 50 years now and who have experienced all the noise from self-proclaimed disrupters over and over again and to perhaps give them comfort that the their role as a Traditional Agent is not by any means At Risk and that the Century 21 Brand is behind them all the way.

For more information please email  if you are an Agent or if you are interested in a Century 21 Franchise.

Is your existing brand Doubting your Ability and your Worth? Have they got Faith in You as a Traditional Agent for the Years Ahead?.......We Invite You to Engage with the Most Desired Brand in South Africa today! 

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