Century21 is expertly placed to serve the global property market, but as a client of this multinational real estate giant, you’ve entered into a far higher league of service value than previously available. With comprehensive access to global information and expertise, your new are able to provide extensive customer services.

Our South African branch has had full access to all of the training in service expertise, as have our other agencies worldwide. This means a smooth sales process is possible, during which the client is kept well within the loop.

We also take great pride in our more specific service offerings, such as our direct assistance in acquiring home loans for our clients at their selected financial institutions. Through our various partnerships, such as with trusted experts Ooba, we never leave our clients lost or without support in any area of sales or purchase. At your request we will, at no additional charge, arrange all of your paperwork, applications and other pertinent details in order to assist you in applying for a home loan.

Marketing is another aspect of the sales process that requires expertise and access to a wide network of potential purchasers. In this, Century21  is most happy to assist, as we market your property in a professional and effective way – further insuring that your property is purchased sooner and at the right price. As the number one real estate corporation in the world, we have a few marketing tools at our disposal which we will gladly employ on your behalf.

Our Referral Network ensures that each one of our thousands of clients around the world is ensured of a prompt response to any queries they may have, within 24 to 48 hours.
Basic Customer Services
To optimise the
sales price
To maximise your
property’s exposure
in the marketplace
To get your home
ready to show
To pre-screen
prospective buyers
To help guard against
and claims
To provide buyers
with community
To ensure privacy,
confidentiality and
safety for both
sellers and buyers
To negotiate the
best possible deal