- you are in the market for a new home!  Exciting times ahead as you house hunt - but stressful too.  In the current economic climate, getting a home loan can be tough. Applications take time, preparation and dedication. And, at the end of it all - the answer could still be "No". 

These days, successful loan applications require the help of an expert bond originator.  One that eats, sleeps and breathes home loans. And that's where ooba comes in: we'll take the uncertainty out of looking for a home loan.

5 Reasons why savvy home buyers choose ooba:

  • More than seven out of ten bond applications are approved through ooba
  • Your application is submitted to up to nine banks at the same time, getting you the best deal 
  • We know the banks’ processes and credit criteria like the backs of our hands 
  • We do all the paperwork for you 
  • You get all of this help and hard work for free 

Contact ooba today to get prequalified or apply for a home loan.