Why living in Bela Bela is good for your health

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Your health is your wealth. Mahatma Gandhi's words ring true even today. When you invest in your wellbeing, you reap the benefits. You live longer, look younger and feel happier.

It's clearly a sentiment resonating with South Africans. According to a Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa survey, locals are embracing healthier lifestyles. Are you one of them? You'd be interested to know where you choose to live can impact your health goals. The right environment can work wonders.

With its hot springs, Bela Bela is celebrated for wellness. Could this Limpopo town be the secret to a better life? Whether you're #TeamHealth or considering a change, read on.

Heavenly hot springs

Soaking in hot springs can help treat arthritis and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It's a great way to decrease blood pressure and relieve aches and pains. The minerals can also enhance your skin's appearance.

Bela Bela's hot springs create 2 000 litres per hour at 52°C. Their mineral-rich waters are guaranteed to make you feel like a new person. Simply visit the hot springs at Forever Resorts and take advantage of the hydrotherapy of their hot mineral pools.

Goodness in golfing

The experts have spoken: Golf boasts fantastic benefits for the mind and body. It helps you burn calories, keeps your heart rate up, improves your vision and reduces stress. Putting away increases blood flow to the brain. The result? A delay in mental illnesses like dementia.

Bela Bela is the perfect place for golfers. Zebula Golf Resort and Spa is surrounded by the African bushveld with plenty to challenge beginners and experts. The Elements Private Golf Reserve has a stunning course with fantastic facilities and friendly staff.

Nutritious goats' cheese

Yes, you read that correctly. Goats' cheese is packed with protein, calcium, magnesium, and other valuable vitamins and minerals. These make it good for your heart and strengthens your bones. It can also help you lose weight and boost your energy levels, to name a few of its pros.

When you live in Bela Bela, you're less than an hour away from Geluksfontein Goat Cheese Farm. Their tasty cheese platters are well laid out and very affordable. You can also take a guided tour.

Healthful hiking trails

Hiking is a fun activity with lots of positive characteristics. Like golf, it can help with weight loss. It tones your body, reduces your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Being in the outdoors boosts your happiness and can curb depression.

If you love hiking, you'll be a huge fan of Bela Bela's hiking trails. You can take on a trail at Wag 'N Bietjie Hiking Trails, Hetbad Nature Reserve and Marula Oase. These beautiful excursions will get you off the couch and give you some quality time in nature.

Sensational spa treatments

A spa treatment can take you from drab to fab. Facials can clear skin, lighten blemishes and reduce wrinkles. Massages can stimulate blood circulation and ease sore muscles. A foot soak can help you absorb important minerals, relieve pain and soothe inflamed or dry skin.

Living in Bela Bela places a number of great spas within your reach. You can make an appointment at Hoogland Spa Family Resort, Thandeka Lodge and Warmbaths. In a relaxed setting, you'll get the pampering you deserve.

Isn't it time you prioritised your health? Bela Bela could be the key. This town has every opportunity to make you the best version of yourself. With Century 21, you can easily make your move to Bela Bela. There are currently 472 Rustenburg residential properties and homes for sale on their website. Pick up the phone today and chat with one of their expert property specialists.

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