5 reasons why moving to Montana in Pretoria is a great idea

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Pretoria or Tshwane is a well-known city in terms of its picturesque beauty. It's also the political capital of South Africa and the destination that houses the beautiful Union Buildings which are also noted for their well-kept gardens. Montana is a slightly newer area located in the expanse, however, its popularity seems to be growing exponentially with every passing year. Here are 5 reasons why moving to Montana is a fantastic idea. From mountains to great infrastructure and convenience, Montana has it all. 

Close to the majestic Magaliesberg Mountain Range

Living near a mountain range is great because it gives people the opportunity to connect with the outdoors. Hiking and access to nature is vitally important to one's well-being and living in Montana ensures that this is an easy task to achieve, Its also stated that the weather is slightly warmer in Montana as opposed to other parts of Pretoria or Gauteng this is another noteworthy reason why moving to Montana is favourable. 

A quiet place to live

Humans love noise and the excitement of cosmopolitan living, yet humans also love peace and tranquility. Another reason why living in Montana is a good idea is because it's considered to be a quiet neighborhood, however its also within close proximity to other more built up and exciting areas, where one can indulge in nightlife and entertainment. Come home for some peace and quiet and get the best of both worlds by choosing Montana for your next residential investment. This is why Montana is also considered to be a great area to raise a family. 

Close to interesting historical locations

Another great aspect about living in Montana that makes it worthwhile is the fact that it's within close proximity to worthwhile historical locations. One such location is the quaint mining town of Cullinan where one can soak up some history and also have an exciting outing. Other historical areas near Montana include the Melrose House Museum and the Kruger House Museum. All of these places help to tell interesting historical tales of the frontier history of the region. A must for all the historians out there.

Newer infrastructure and larger properties

Due to the fact that Montana is a more modern residential area, residents are treated to newer infrastructure. It's also stated that properties are generally larger than other areas, hence locals enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle with bigger gardens. 

Close to various prominent epicenters in Pretoria

Another favorable reason why people are choosing Montana is the fact that even though its situated near the tranquil Magaliesberg Mountain Range it's also close to the various epicenters of Pretoria such as the Union Buildings, Hatfield or the University of Pretoria. This means that people who live in Montana get the best of both worlds. Country living and city sophistication go hand in hand if you live in Montana. 

Montana really does have a lot to offer, why not be apart of this great suburban oasis situated at the foothills of the Magaliesberg Mountain Range, forming part of one of South Africa's most politically important epicenters Pretoria or Tshwane. There are currently 14 listed properties for sale in the Montana region through one of the world’s leading property companies Century 21. All the properties range in size and price and this highly regarded company has a team of property experts who are here to make all your residential property dreams a reality. Why not go with the best and get rid of all the hassle of buying a new home? You really couldn’t be in better hands, get involved today and live the life you deserve in Montana, Pretoria.

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