New conservation area in Glenvista proves beneficial for so many reasons

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As the perimeters of urban spaces grow so does the need for buildings for various forms of commerce and residency. One cannot deny the need for this kind of vital development and growth. People need places both in which to live and work. One cannot deny the importance of development. Various areas are developing at an alarming rate all over Johannesburg. However, sometimes it's also vital when neighbourhoods are noted for conservation efforts as well. According to local newspaper Comaro Chronicle, this is exactly what Glenvista in the South of Johannesburg is doing, which in turn is adding value to the already highly sought after residential location. 

The said article stated that this information came to the attention of the general public due to the fact that signs had been erected near a popular wildlife area in the suburb. “Have you seen the newest signage in Glenvista Extension Four, informing residents of the Glenvista Conservation area?” - Julie Maule news editor of writes. 

The article has urged existing residents to respect this newly developed conservation location and it can be used for the purposes of bird-watching, hiking, and photography. However, it is prohibited from the use of any variety of off-road motor vehicles. Dogs are also not allowed in the area and fishing, swimming and riding a bicycle are also not prohibited. “No littering, dumping, use of a firearm, drinking, sleeping, picking of flora and fauna and the playing of loud music” - states Julie Maule. 

However there are other reasons why one should take conservation into careful consideration and protect these valuable areas as it could very well affect your residential property in the right ways, this is according to an article published off The London School of Economics and Political Sciences website. “Houses in conservation areas sell at a premium and show a greater appreciation in value than those in other areas. This is even after adjusting for the effects of the kind of property involved and where it is located”. - article entitled - House price research shows the economic value of conservation. 

International research shows the value of creating these types of important conservation areas within urban environments. Leading property company Century 21 also sees this value. They have 4 listed properties available for sale in the Glenvista area which is all within close proximity to formidable nature reserves and conservation areas. This is why residents enjoy living in this highly regarded location.   

Johannesburg is famous the world over for its abundance of natural areas, nature reserves and public parks. Some of the parks in the Glenvista area include Rietvlei Zoo Farm Parkrun, Wemmer Pan - Pioneer Park, Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, J.C Lucas Park, Maureen Park, Calgro M3 Memorial Park, Murray Park and Port Plein Park (to mention a few). This takes away the rumour that greater Johannesburg is nothing more than industry, commerce, and mine dumps. This has put an area such as Glenvista forward as a highly functional residential node for so many reasons. This is why choosing a residential property based on more than just the property itself is a good idea, as proximity to nature is vitally important in certain ever-evolving urban environments. 

So Johannesburg isn’t just about the sprawling concrete jungle for which most people know it for. Residential areas such as Glenvista are a testament to this. With conservation becoming more and more of a pressing issue within urban environments it would seem that this can only help in increasing property value as well. Century 21 is here to assist you in any way possible on your next phase in life which is often buying property. Get in contact with one of their highly skilled brokers and start your next residential home in Glenvista.   

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