Century 21 Announces its Tour de France Partnership for 2019

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In what is arguably a major marketing coup, Century 21 South Africa is proud to announce that it will partner the 2019 Tour de France as an official Partner.

The Tour de France is the world's most spectated and followed single sporting event that occurs annually with over 3, 50 billion fans following it via all media platforms and with a staggering 12 million spectators that physically line up the streets during the course of the event. In South Africa, this phenomenal event is also embraced by all main stream media whether from television, electronic/digital and hard print.

The Tour de France is also the event where the world's top cyclists who, on behalf of all of us, showcase the real potential of what human beings can achieve physically while at the same time also display our inherit emotions, good and bad. Couple this with the most amazing television production and exceptional media coverage and contributions from specialised sports commentators and motivational speakers alike, it is no wonder that whether you interested in cycling or not, the Tour de France touches everybody in some way or another. So, the physical human traits of Stamina, Skill and Fitness are mixed in with the emotions of Courage, Determination, the Will to Win, Elation and Disappointment and importantly, Teamwork are brilliantly choreographed by the teams and the media in such a way where we can all associate with the Tour de France in some way.

These characteristics together with its enormity of the Tour de France make it a hugely Respected and Prestigious global event and fit perfectly well with what we believe characterises Century 21.

Global Appeal and Global Leaders, Brilliant Systems, Cutting Edge Digital Technology together with Teamwork, Emotion and the Will to Win is what defines Century 21 and all this is focused to make the Customer Experience everything for Century 21. Only this way are Legends created and with a history of almost 50 years now and with 8 800 offices in 81 countries and over 122 000 focused and determined traditional estate agents, is it fair to assume that Century 21 is as Legendary as an entity in itself just as the Tour de France is?

Author: CEO Harry Nicolaides

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