Swartruggens an unlikely jewel in the North West

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For a relatively large population, South Africa has a lot of open space. A great amount of the population in South Africa can be found in the larger built-up urban areas. This is mainly for the sake of finding adequate jobs and housing. That said, South Africa has a world of exploration waiting beyond the confines of big city life. There are literally hundreds of small towns scattered all over the country which all have their own unique charm and character. 

One such town that many might not have heard of before is Swartruggens. Even though the town has drifted off into obscurity it still holds a lot of value to the North West province for so many worthwhile reasons. Its close to one of South Africa's mega-resorts, plus there is a realm of nature and wildlife around every corner. Below are a few reasons why Swartruggens is a great destination for those longing for a simpler way of life.

A stone throw away from Sun City

Just under 90 km away from Swartruggens one will find the Sun City resort, which for many years has been one of South Africa's most talked of holiday destination. There one will find a plethora of luxury accommodation options, fantastic restaurants and bars, an internationally renown golf course and even a wave pool. This means you can even get a bit of sun and surf, literally hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest beach. 

"Home to the Valley of Waves and sprawled along the border of the Pilanesberg National Park, Sun City Resort enjoys the fine distinction of being the only surf-and-safari destination within a two-hour drive of landlocked Johannesburg. Whether you're looking for a romantic stay with your partner, a fun weekend getaway with friends or a North West holiday with the whole family, Sun City Resort has it all".-

Located near the Botswana Border 

The country of Botswana is situated within a manageable driving distance from Swartruggens. Botswana is largely considered to be one of the world's leading destinations in terms of natural wonders and wildlife. It's home to the famous Okavango Delta among many other significant nature reserves and game viewing areas. Residents of Swartruggens have easy access to this beautiful neighbouring country.

Nature reserves and hiking trails in abundance

Residents of Swartruggens are outdoor enthusiasts and this is not surprising as the region is a haven for hiking trails and nature reserves. Some of the more regarded hiking trails and nature reserves near Swartruggens include the Bokkraal Hiking trail and Borakalalo National Park. 

Interesting geology

The town of Swartruggens translates to "black ridges" in the Afrikaans language and due to varying factors, the geology of the location is fascinating. Diamonds were discovered there in 1932 and since that time the town has been a significant mining area. Numerous excavations have also added to the unique landscape of the area. 

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