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Chocoholics, eat your heart out. #WorldChocolateDay is almost here. 7 July is the day to honour chocolate in all its yummy, creamy glory. So forget about that diet, get out your dessert fork and put on your best bib. It's time to celebrate!

What is World Chocolate Day?

Let's get one thing clear: Every day is a chocolate day. However, World Chocolate Day is specifically set aside to snack on those treasured cocoa-based treats. The event is filled with promotions, events and so many opportunities to get your chocolate fix.

How did World Chocolate Day start?

The history of chocolate dates back to 450 BC, Mesoamerica. Here the people believed that cacao seeds were God-given and used it as a form of currency. Flash forward to today and things haven't changed. While we may not buy cars with candy, we can't get enough of the stuff. This day has its ties to the first modern chocolate bars in Europe. It's become an annual event that unites chocolate fans all over the world.

Why celebrate World Chocolate Day?

Give in to your cravings. Eating good chocolate (in sensible amounts) is actually good for you.

  • It can reduce heart risks
  • It can control your appetite
  • It can ease coughs and colds
  • It can help manage diabetes
  • It elevates your mood
  • It can reduce stress
  • It makes you more alert
  • It protects you from sunburn

Really, is there anything chocolate can't do? If you're looking to celebrate in style, nip down to White River. We've hunted down everything you should be eating and the places worth going to.

Handmade chocolates at Shautany Chocolatiers

Talk about handmade heaven. White Rivers' local chocolatiers are famous for their maraschino cherries double-dipped in dark chocolate, decadent chocolate mousse and nut clusters. They even have a "no added sugar" range. The temptation is real.

Gourmet milkshakes at Magnolia Restaurant & Café

For the love of chocolate, Magnolia knows how to make a milkshake. They're made with 100% full cream vanilla ice cream and come in delicious flavours. You can smash the life out of Nutella and hazelnut, red berry and white chocolate or Bar One and choc chip.

Chocolate mint muffins at Sip Coffee Café & Deli

This eatery has all the charms of home. There are comfy chairs, pretty pot plants and friendly service. Sip's freshly baked muffins will make you a fan. Order your coffee and opt for the scrumptious chocolate mint option. You'll have one. Or five to start.

Coffee in a cone at Rooftop Terrace Coffee Shop

Coffee in a cone was a viral Instagram hit in 2016. If you missed out, World Chocolate Day is the perfect opportunity to try it. Head to Rooftop Terrace Coffee Shop for a quiet midday escape. After a facial at the spa downstairs, you can enjoy the crunchiness of a chocolate-edged cone filled with steaming coffee. Sigh. Just take our money already.

Ice cream at Oliver's Restaurant and Lodge

With its fresh ingredients and relaxed country atmosphere, Oliver's is a firm World Chocolate Day favourite. The mains are superb but you may want to skip to dessert. Ice cream in winter? Yes, please. There's a molten chocolate pudding with meringue ice cream. You'll also want to jump face first into the Amarula and pecan nut ice cream with honeycomb and chocolate sand.

Whatever you choose, White River promises a sweet escape. The Mpumalanga town may seem small. But, it has world-class experiences waiting to be enjoyed. You can move to the area and get the most of it. Century 21's White River team will help you make the right decision. Browse our property listings and contact us now.

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