Fourways Mall and Menlyn Park Shopping Centre Bridging the gap

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As the years grow so do the buildings, infrastructure and amenities that surround Johannesburg and Pretoria. This has led many to believe that the two cities are in fact starting to merge into one mega urban expanse that will see further development in the years to come. Fourways Mall has recently seen some renovations which are set to make the increasingly expanding mall the biggest in the country and Africa, this is according to a news article published off The only other mall which will come close in size and statue to Fourways Mall is Menlyn Park situated in Menlyn a popular suburb in Pretoria. 

"While Pretoria's Menlyn Park Shopping Centre is the largest mall in Africa, the title for the latter will only be temporary, as Joburg's Fourways Mall has plans to steal it within the next three months. With commercial, residential and mixed-use property in demand, the broader Fourways area continues to create value and deliver the opportunity for investors across sectors as it offers a fresh alternative to Gauteng's older, more crowded nodes". -

Developments such as this only make residential areas grow as more and more people wish to move to the Pretoria and Fourways due to these initiatives. This has prompted leading residential companies to show a massive interest in the city of Pretoria. One such company is the leading residential property brokerage Century 21. The company currently has a massive 377 available houses for sale in the region which all range in price and size to suit anyone's taste or budget. Pretoria or Tshwane is also a green city and the fact that it's within close proximity to the highly regarded Magaliesburg Mountain range also raises the profile of the area as a great place in which to live. 

Other developments that keep these two cities coming closer together include key transportation links between the two locations. Including world-class facilities such as the Gautrain Train Service which sees high speed state of the art trains running between both Johannesburg and Pretoria. These are all contributing factors why so many people are choosing Pretoria as their next residential area of choice. This coupled with great recreational areas all over the city has kept housing and lodging interests around the region high. Pretoria is also a historically important location in the country with it also being the city which houses the union buildings. Which have become a tourist destination in its own right, largely due to the pristine gardens which are outside the buildings. 

South Africa is one of the most developed countries throughout the whole of Africa and destinations such as Pretoria really do put the region on the map. With mall developments such as the Fourways Mall, who knows when one might call Johannesburg and Pretoria by one name. With so much potential it would seem that there really couldn't be a better time to move your home to the city. With one of the world's most regarded residential property agencies Century 21 it really couldn't be easier. Pick up the phone today and chat to one of their highly skilled and regarded property specialists or brokers who are waiting to give you all the information you might need to move to one of South Africa's most important cities. Don't hesitate to live the life you've always wanted to live in the city that you've always wanted to live in, with Century 21. 

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