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Welcome to the first publication of our Enhance Magazine for 2017.

This digital copy effectively kicks off our multi-pronged initiative for Century 21 to be at the cutting edge of digital marketing. Sure, the marketing and selling of client’s properties is never and can never be a mere digital app and can never replace personal and private face to face engagement but, with regards to marketing and more specifically market reach, it is arguably the most effective way to showcase properties and to “tell our story”. Also, a fabulous and important consequence of this is the protection and preservation of our natural environment by using less paper to communicate and engage with you.

Financial experts believe that the prospects for the residential property industry for 2017 are more positive than in 2016 where we had major political shocks affecting sentiment and stability in some way or another, good and bad. These included Brexit, the Trump Presidency and closer to home Nene-gate and the State Capture Report. Experts believe that there will not be any major events for the year and if there are, our economy has shown resilience and the ability to impressively “bounce back” when they do occur. Also, with pressure on interest rates to increase fading away and in fact predictions are that we have peaked on the interest rate hike cycle we, all things being equal, we now can look forward to stability and perhaps an ease on interest rates in the next 2 years or so. All this bodes well for the property sales industry for 2017.

Our company too, is also poised to take advantage of this and with a major emphasis on the quality of our service to clients anywhere in South Africa, our relentless appetite for success and with us embracing the digital space to benefit our clients we believe that Century 21 will continue its impressive growth path and will continue being one of the most desired brands in South Africa to network with. After all, it's embedded in our philosophy that Century 21 Agents are SMARTER.BOLDER.FASTER.

Please click the link to view the full, Century 21 South Africa National Digital Enhance Magazine.

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