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As urban environments grow, humans are longing more and more to be near nature. Progress is important, however, progress also encroaches on natural spaces. That said there are still a number of residential areas throughout South Africa, which are within close proximity to nature reserves and the great outdoors. Brits situated in the North West Province of South Africa is an area well-known for farming, however, it's also within close proximity to some of the countries most breathtaking wilderness areas. Below are 5 natural areas to explore situated not far from the epicentre of this regarded suburban expanse. 

Hartbeeshoek Nature Reserve 

This little piece of safari paradise situated not far from Brits, Pretoria or Johannesburg is 300 hectares of your typical rugged Southern African thorn bushes. There one can view a variety of game. This is also a location for staying over as there are campsites and self-catering chalets on site through Fauna Visions. A great weekend or longer retreat for any Brits resident. The accommodation area is said to hold roughly 200 people. 

Silkaatsnek Nature Reserve

This is a private nature reserve, situated on the breathtaking slopes of the Magaliesberg Mountains. This is a great area for a quick escape and its situated not far from both Pretoria and Johannesburg. This particular nature reserve is pivotal to the region in terms of conservation hence it has been named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The name of the reserve is derived from King Mzilikazi who is widely regarded as one of Southern Africa's most respected kings. This particular area was said to be his kingdom some 200 years prior. 

Hartebeespoort Dam 

Hartebeespoort Dam is one of the regions most regarded and picturesque holiday destinations and towns. Many weekend warriors and revellers travel to the beautiful location to get a break from city life. The area has a lot to offer in terms of both accommodation and fun-filled activities. This is why the location keeps on growing in popularity year in and year out. Coupled with spellbinding views of the nearby Magaliesberg Mountain Range you have a great option for a quick escape from either Johannesburg, Pretoria or Brits. 

Dikhololo Game Reserve

This idyllic sanctuary located a mere 34km from the town of Brits is widely considered to be a perfect destination for those looking to view wildlife a short distance from built-up urban areas. Its believed to be a good area for sightings of giraffe, eland, zebra and certain other varieties of game. People also visit this game reserve for the interesting views created by a selection of rocky outcrops. 

The Borakalalo National Park

This sought-after National Park is a little bit of a further drive from the epicentre of Brits, however, its believed to be well worth the effort. If one travels just 60km in the northern direction of Brits they will be rewarded with a 13 500 hectare park teeming with typical jaw-dropping African savannah scenery and a wide variety of vegetation and game. There is also a river that eventually leads to the Klipvoor Dam, this ensures diversity of both animals and general surroundings. 

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