What animals can you spot at Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate?

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Being in Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is like living a National Geographic TV show. It's the heart of the South African safari experience. The estate has stretches of sun-bleached plains and majestic bushveld trees. The only man-made sound is your jeep as you roam through winding game path routes. You'll find Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is a sanctuary for some of the country's most iconic animals. Here are a few that residents are lucky to call their next-door neighbours.

1. Elephant

The African bush elephant is the largest land animal in the world. Hoedspruit's elephants have a history of being exceptionally intelligent and sociable. In 2015, a young bull elephant helped itself to a drink of water at an estate property's infinity pool. In 2017, another gentle giant stole a GoPro camera and took some unusual video selfies.

2. Leopard

These big, light-coloured cats are easy to identify with their prominent dark spots. Although tough to find, they sometimes make an appearance on the estate. "They can suddenly appear in gardens", said Villiers Steyn. "My wife and I have been lucky enough to encounter them on foot, and I've even cycled past one as well."

3. Giraffe

The elephant may be the largest, but the giraffe clinches the title as the tallest. You can find them around the estate munching down on acacia trees while cleverly avoiding the thorns. Don't let their excessive eating habits fool you. Giraffes are incredibly fit and can gallop at 60 km/h.

4. Zebra

The zebra is one of South Africa's most popular animals. In fact, Mzansi-born Investec chose it as their mascot. "It's a humble and modest creature", they shared on International Zebra Day. "Yet, it surprises, delights, and represents the distinctiveness that we strive for." You can find these striped beauties scurrying around the estate.

5. Warthog

Thanks to The Lion King, the flat-faced, bald, and sharp-tusked warthog has improved its reputation. "It's Pumbaa", scream little children when they catch sight of them on the estate. To spot them, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled to the ground. Warthogs stick close to the earth on the lookout for roots and tubers.

6. Nyala

It's a pity the nyala is so shy and elusive. Both male and female of the species are simply gorgeous. Males are larger, with a coarse, grey coat. Females are red-brown in colour. Both have vertical stripes along their ribs and flank. Try to catch a glimpse of them in the estate's thicker vegetation.

7. Wild dog

Every wild dog you see at Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is special. These animals all have a unique colour pattern of black, yellow, and white. They hunt in packs so chances are you'll spot a couple as they scour the area for their next meal. Sadly, they're declining in numbers but through the estate's conservation efforts, a huge difference is being made.

8. Kudu

If you've been on a game drive in South Africa, chances are you've seen a kudu. These stately animals are common in the country and around the estate. They're fond of browsing the leaves of knobthorn trees. Sometimes they can even wander into properties since they're capable of jumping over fences higher than three metres.

9. Burchell's starling

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate has an abundance of birdlife. One of the highlights is the Burchell's starling. It has glossy-blue feathers, large eyes, and a long broad tail. Lift your binoculars up into the trees and thickets. You may be fortunate enough to discover it!

10. Crested barbet

With its brightly coloured plumage, this bird is the punk rocker of the Hoedspruit bird community. The estate's residents love them because they feed on snails in their gardens. Crested barbets blend well into the bush so listen out for their call - it's a shrill trill that can continue for long periods.

At Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, you'll get up close and personal with all manner of incredible wildlife. If you long for a rustic lifestyle, this is the perfect place to make your habitat. Trust Century 21 and our SMARTER. BOLDER. FASTER.™ property professionals to find your perfect home. We don't beat around the (African) bush. View our listings and call us today.

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