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Technology has changed the way you live your life. If you're in Rustenburg, that's going to feel even more real. By 2040, its platinum-mining industry is projected to decline. The solution? Becoming a smart city! The local municipality's plan - Rustenburg Vision 2040 - aims to turn it into one that's interconnected, efficient, and sustainable. The future is exciting. 

Wait, what's a smart city?

Good question. It's an urban centre that hosts a wide range of digital technology across its ecosystem. This technology uses data from locals, vehicles, buildings, etc. to enhance the living experiences of the local population.  

Sounds interesting. How does it help?

Smart technology maximises the way cities work. The result is a city that caters better for the needs of residents. 

Be safer: The technology can help combat crime and boost public safety.  It can do real-time crime mapping, analyse patterns, and optimise traffic control. 

Be healthier: The technology can use mobile apps to monitor the health of the population. Cities can use the information gained to create targeted intervention programmes.

Be greener: The technology can create a cleaner and more sustainable environment. It can help people monitor their water usage to reduce wastage. 

Be connected: Smart cities can establish channels between authorities and the population. It can also help people connect with each other. 

Be employable: Smart solutions can make the labour market more effective. It can launch new jobs in maintenance, driving, and temporary installation jobs. It can create platforms for people to find positions and facilitate learning so people can skill and upskill themselves. 

Tell me about Rustenburg's smart city. 

Rustenburg Vision 2040 plans to develop the economy, enhance citizen participation, improve public safety and transportation, expand the scope of government services, and implement digitalised public utilities through leading technologies

The first phase will address the city's biggest challenges. These include public safety, city resource management, and overcome the dependence on a singular industry (platinum mining).

The local municipality has partnered with some of the world's leading companies. Electronic Connect, Huawei, Sanchuan Wisdom Technology, and Xiamen Lenz are bringing their expertise to the table. 

The city will use data from sources like smart streetlights, smart water and electric meters, smart parking, public Wi-Fi, smart buses, as well as billing and payment systems. The information will help city managers assess the city's overall status in a timely manner, monitor traffic and key facilities in real time, and coordinate with related departments.

The city intends on using smart technology to help departments collaborate better, resolve criminal cases and reduce crime rates by accelerating police response times. It will use intelligent monitoring to aid police in automatically identifying suspects or locate traffic violators according to specific features. 

The intention is also to make Rustenburg a fully connected city. Everyone will have the opportunity to access the internet. 

Smart streetlights will provide real-time status monitoring, intelligent tuning, and fault detection. This will help save electricity, reduce power consumption, enhance maintenance efficiency, and improve lighting rates. IoT-based smart water and electric meters will make billing more accurate. 

As everyone has internet access, there'll be a shift to mobile payments at shops and businesses, increasing payment efficiency.

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